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Unlocking the Value of Real Property

Why do I say that the system is highly complex and sophisticated? Think about this for a moment. What was the most valuable thing that a person could own 1000 or 600 years ago? Land. Land provided everything that was essential for human life. The ability to create shelter, to grow food, to feed livestock, to hunt, and to access water, all required land.

Today millennials have been lied to about ownership of real property and thus are statistically the poorest generation. I think part of this is because in civilized culture we don't often think practically like people had to 600 to 1000 years ago.

If you want to change your game unlock the value of real property. Don't listen to the "seminar guys" who tell you to rent instead of buy, they will be out of business at the next market correction!

Think practically and you will grow rich, and remember if you live in America

You have the protection of

"the right to life, liberty, and property"

Took this photo today outside a real estate closing I had. Everyone wants to close today

before Christmas!

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